50 Gallon Rain Barrel

50 Gallon Rain Barrel

Water urn sandstone

The Rescue 50 gallon water urn flat-back rain barrel with integrated planter and diverter kit is earth-friendly and saves you money by reducing the amount of water you use from your municipal water supply. By using rainwater you can save money by reducing your water and sewer bills. You are actually doing your plants a favor by watering them with rainwater collected from your downspouts because this water doesn’t contain chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride that can harm your plants.


Water urn

The water urn is a decorative rain barrel that holds up to 50 gallons of rainwater. The diverter kit (included with the water urn) will automatically divert the rainwater back through the downspout once the rain barrel is full. You won’t need to worry about removing the diverter system in the winter. The rain barrel can be bypassed completely allowing water to flow through the downspout as normal so water will not get into the rain barrel and freeze. The rain barrel also has a large planter with weep holes that prevent the plant’s root system from rotting. The flat-back design of the rain barrel allows you to place it up against your house for a more conspicuous look and to save space.

Water urn flat back

The rain barrel kit includes the following:

Dual downspout diverter (fits 2” X 3” standard or 3” X 4” high capacity downspouts)
36 inch connection hose
Connection grommets
Barb plug
48 inch main outlet hose with on/off ball cock valve
2 Hose gaskets
Illustrated installation guide

The water urn comes in three colors: Sandstone, Terra Cotta and Earth Brown. To purchase click on the color of your choice below.

Water urn sandstone

Sandstone -Click to purchase



Water urn Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta – Click to purchase



Water urn earth brown

Earth Brown – Click to purchase




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