50 Gallon Whiskey Rain Barrel

50 Gallon Whiskey Rain Barrel by Rescue

rescue 50 gallon

The Rescue 50 gallon flat back whiskey rain barrel is a decorative rain barrel that allows you to collect rainwater from your downspout for use in your garden and on your plants and flowers. There is a built in planter on the top of the barrel that you can plant flowers directly into or you can place a prearranged flower basket in the planter. The planter has weep holes to prevent overwatering. The attractive rain barrel is made from a UV-stable, engineered resin that is durable and has the look of a grey whiskey barrel with black accent bands. The back of the rain barrel is flat so it can be placed against your house for a low profile and attractive appearance.

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The Rescue 50 gallon rain barrel comes with a dual downspout diverter that is easy to install and fits 2 inch X 3 inch standard or 3 inch X 4 inch high capacity downspouts. The diverter system will redirect water down the downspout once the barrel is full to prevent overfilling which can cause flooding. The system also doesn’t have to be removed in the winter. You can bypass the diverter so that water flows through the downspout as normal. You don’t have to worry about freezing because water won’t flow into the barrel when you bypass the diverter.

By using rainwater you can reduce your need for municipal water and save money. Rainwater is great for watering plants and gardens. rescue 50 gallon 3 There is no chlorine or other chemicals in the water which will help your plants to flourish. The rain barrel kit comes with the following:

50 Gallon Flatback Whiskey Rain Barrel
Dual downspout diverter
36 inch connection hose
Connection grommets
Barb Plug
48 inch main outlet hose with on/off ball cock value
2 hose gaskets
Illustrated installation guide

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The Complete guide to Water Storage
by Julie Fryer




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