Algreen Agua 50-Gallon Rain Barrel

Algreen Agua 50-Gallon Rain Barrel

Algreen Agua 1The Algreen Agua 50-gallon rain barrel is an attractive addition for your yard and saves you money on your water bills at the same time. This rain barrel holds up to 50 gallons of rainwater so you will always have water available for your plants and garden. Rainwater is free of the chemicals that are added to our municipal water supply making it better for you plants. The rainwater that is collected can even be used for washing your cars or windows. Every homeowner should consider having a rain barrel to collect rainwater from the roof which will save money and benefit the environment.

The Algreen Aqua 50- gallon rain barrel is made from roto molded plastic which is strong and will not crack, fade or chip over time. It is made to stand up to extreme temperatures Algreen Agua 2making it perfect for any climate. The rain barrel measures 33 inches X 23 inches and comes with a 20 year limited warranty on the barrel only. There is some assembly required for the accessories but it is a very easy to do.

Algreen Agua 3The rain barrel comes with a screen guard to keep debris from getting into your water supply. It also has a removable crown planter. The planter allows you to make your rain barrel even more attractive by adding a plant or flowers to the top of the barrel. There is a 4 foot garden hose with a shutoff nozzle and screen guard included. The rain barrel also comes with a hook that attaches to the side of the barrel so you can neatly hang the hose from the barrel.

This rain barrel would be a great investment for any home. It comes in a choice of two different colors. To see prices or to purchase click on the link below.

Algreen Agua 1

Algreen Agua 81002 – Terracotta


Algreen Agua 4

Algreen Agua 81211 – Dark Brown



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