Downspout Diverters

Downspout Diverters

There are different types of downspout diverters and you should choose the best diverter for your rain barrel. Some diverters do nothing more than direct rainwater to you rain barrel while others filter debris and control overflow by diverting water back through the downspout when the rain barrel is full. Prices vary based on the type of diverter you choose. Below are some diverters that are worth taking a look at. Be sure to pick one that will work with your rain barrel and will do the best job. Just click on the diverter of your choice to read more or to purchase.

EM Diverter Parts

   Earth Minded Rain Barrel Diverter Kit



Emsco Diverter Kit

   Emsco Deluxe Downspout Diverter Kit



Fiskars 2

   Fiskars Rain Barrel Diverter Pro Kit



Rain reserve complete 2

   Rainreserve Rain Barrel Diverter Kit



build-a-barrel 2

   Rainreserve Build a Barrel System