Emsco Deluxe Downspout Diverter Kit

Emsco Deluxe Downspout Diverter Kit

Emsco Diverter KitYou can use this downspout diverter to make your own rain barrel or you can use it with any Rescue rain barrel to divert rainwater from your downspout into you rain barrel. Everything you need to connect to your rain barrel is included in this kit. Capture the rain water coming off your roof to use on your plants and garden. You will save money on your water bills and help the environment at the same time. The water you collect will be pure and free of chemicals and your plants will love it.

The Emsco deluxe downspout diverter kit channels water from your downspout to your rain barrel. It will not allow your rain barrel to overflow as it pushes any excess water back through the downspout. The diverter is easy to install and use and it fits 2” x 3” or 3” x 4” downspouts. It is made from a heavy duty resin and the solid white color matches a typical gutter.

The diverter kit includes a dual diverter, connection hose, connection grommets and installation instructions. The step-by-step instructions are illustrated and easy to follow. You can have your rain barrel operational in an afternoon and this afternoon project will pay dividends for years to come.

The diverter kit is manufactured by the Emso Group based in Girard, Pennsylvania. Emsco was founded in 1867 by Theo J. Ely and still holds to the values that were adopted then…… Innovation, Function, Quality and Service.

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