EZ Smart Gutter Cleaner

EZ Smart Gutter Cleaner

EZ Blower 2

You might consider using the EZ Smart Gutter Cleaner if you don’t want to climb a ladder to clean your gutters. It is a powerful blower that attaches to all standard size extension poles and allows you to reach gutters as high as two stories. Just extend the pole to reach the gutters and keep your feet on the ground as you run the blower along the gutter removing debris as you go.

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The EZ Smart Gutter Cleaner comes with a long lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The blower motor produces a 120 MPH air flow that is capable of removing leaves and debris from your gutters. It has an adjustable nozzle in the front so you can change the direction of the output. The EZ Smart Gutter Cleaner has a heavy duty design and moves easily along all types of gutters. The nozzle rotates allowing you to direct the air flow. You can rotate the nozzle by simply pushing the extended fins on the nozzle against the gutter until you have positioned the nozzle where you want it.

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The EZ Smart Gutter Cleaner comes with an attachment for cleaning downspouts and hard to reach places like roof valleys. It can also be used to turn the cleaner into a sweeper or blower that can clean your walkways, driveway and other areas on the ground. The blower does not come with the extension pole. You can purchase one by clicking here or you can buy one at your local hardware store. Click on the links below to see price, purchase or read reviews of the EZ Smart Gutter Cleaner.

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