Flo-Free Leaf Guard

Flo-Free Leaf Guard


Flo-Free Leaf Guard allows rain water to flow through the gutter guard and into your gutter but stops leaves and debris from getting in the gutter so your gutters will not clog. Flo-Free Leaf Guard is made of 3/4 inch thick, black industrial strength nylon. The woven technology allows your gutters to air dry naturally. Sunlight shines through ensuring that gutters stay dry preventing an stagnant water from standing in the gutters. It is very light weight and will not retain water.


Flo-Free Leaf Guard is easy to install and comes in 5 inch, 6 inch, 1/2 round and custom sizes. Once installed it is invisible from the ground. This gutter guard has a smooth, slick, non-stick top that allows leaves and debris to slide off and fall to the ground instead of gathering in your gutters.


36 feet of Flo-Free Leaf Guard for 6″ gutters retails for around $120. To purchase click on the link below.

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