Gardena 3650 Gutter Cleaner Head

Gardena 3650 Combisystem Gutter Cleaner Head

Gardena 3650 1The Gardena 3650 Combisytem Gutter Cleaner Head is a good choice for cleaning your gutters. The gutter cleaner head is two cleaning tools in one. It has a brush on one end made from very sturdy bristles and a scraper on the other side which allows you to clear those tough clogs. The angle of the Gutter Cleaner Head can easily be adjusted to reach your gutters from any angle. It has an infinitely adjustable swivel joint making it fully adjustable. This gutter cleaner is well suited for easy clearing and cleaning of your gutters.

Gardena 3650 2Gardena 3650 3Gardena manufactures quality gardening equipment to make your job easier. The 3650 Gutter Cleaner Head is made from quality plastic and it works with all Gardena combisytem handles. The handle must be purchased separately. There are many handles to choose from and a great choice is featured below.


Gardena 3711 Combisystem 59-Inch to 120-Inch Telescopic Garden Tool Handle

Gardena 3711 1The Gardena 3711 Combisystem 59-Inch To 120-Inch Telescopic Aluminum Garden Tool Handle is a great choice for all Gardena Combisystem tools. It is made from lightweight, high quality, sturdy aluminum. You can reach to nearly 16 feet high when standing on the ground and having the handle fully extended. The telescopic handle has a lock that protects against twisting for better control. The Gardena 3711 tool handle is also backed by a 12 months parts and labor warranty so you can have confidence in the quality of the handle.

It is ideal for helping you reach your gutters without the use of a ladder. This handle is does not come with any tool heads. They must be purchased separately.

To read more or to purchase the Gardena 3650 Gutter Cleaner Head or the 3711 Telescopic Tool Handle click on the links below:

Gardena 3650 1

Gardena 3650 – Click to see price


Gardena 3711 1

Gardena 3711 – Click to see price



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