Gibbon 150100 Gutter Cleaner

Gibbon 150100 Gutter Cleaner

Gibbon1The Gibbon 150100 Gutter Cleaner hooks to your gutter by placing the wheels of the gutter cleaner over the edge of the gutter. The specially designed wheels will keep the tool secured to the gutter while you attach the other end to your leaf blower. Then you simply start the leaf blower and walk along as the Gibbon moves along the gutter. The Gibbon will move in both directions. To change direction simply swing the downpipe in the opposite direction, release the throttle briefly and hold it down again. The Gibbon will start back the other way along the gutter.

It’s that easy. You don’t even need a ladder to attach the Gibbon to the gutter because it’s lightweight and the sturdy air supply pipe will reach most single story gutters. There is also an extension kit available to reach higher gutters. You may need more than one extension kit to Gibbon2 reach a 2 story gutter. You still won’t need a ladder even for a 2 story house. The tool and the extensions are light enough to easily place the unit on the gutter.

The Gibbon will clean your gutters fast. It can travel up to 20 feet per minute. You can move the Gibbon down and back the length of your gutter several times in no time. The more times you travel back and forth the more leaves and debris will be removed from your gutters. The tool will even remove wet leaves and debris from gutters.

The Gibbon 150100 is manufactured from high quality materials and is designed to use with a broad range of gutter profiles. The Gibbon is made from injection molded ABS plastic and the pipes are made from industrial strength polyethylene. It has been skillfully engineered to Gibbon3travel quickly and securely along most gutters. It comes with a one year warranty that covers any manufacturing defects.

The gutter cleaning tool requires a leaf blower with a minimum airflow output of 260 cubic feet per minute. The flexible attachment hose can fit leaf blower outlet pipes ranging from 2.5 to 3.3 inches. Click on the links below to see price, purchase or read reviews of the Gibbon 150100 Gutter Cleaner.


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