Gutter Whiskers Gutter Guards

Gutter Whiskers Gutter Guards

gutter whiskers p3Gutter Whiskers Gutter Guards is a gutter guard system that eliminates debris from clogging your gutters and keeps rain water flowing freely to the downspouts. Gutter Whiskers is a protective brush filter system for your gutters that is easy to install and will eliminate the need for you to continually clean your gutters. We all know that cleaning gutters is a time consuming dangerous job climbing up and down the ladder. It’s nice to know that you can keep your feet on the ground and still keep your gutters from clogging. Gutter Whiskers is a less costly way to protect your gutters than installing traditional gutter screens and covers. These systems can be very expensive and require installation by a professional. You can install Gutter Whiskers yourself without the need to hire an expert.

gutter whiskers p4Installation is easy and Gutter Whiskers is compatible with any roof system. Make sure your gutters are clean then simply slide the Gutter Whiskers sections into the gutter. Overlap the ends of the sections and bend where required to fit the gutter. You can cut the last section with wire cutters if needed to ensure a good fit. It’s that simple. Your Gutter Whiskers will then stop debris such as leaves, branches, pine needles and other trash from building up and causing obstructions. It will also discourage birds, mice, rats, squirrels and other rodents from residing in your gutters and downspouts.

gutter whiskers p2Gutter Whiskers is made from high quality, heavy galvanized wire that is proven to work in all climates and seasons. It will resist rust and is resilient to UV exposure and provides a great value for your money. The dense bristles fill the entire gutter system so that debris can’t clog the gutter but at the same time allow rain water to flow freely. If any debris would happen to build up it can be removed simply by shaking the section of Gutter Whiskers or by washing it off with a hose. Trapped leaves will decompose naturally over time in most cases.

Gutter Whiskers Gutter Guards come in various size packages. To see more or to purchase click on the links below.

18 Ft Pack – Retails for around $70

39 Ft Pack – Retails for around $140

Pack of 48 – Retails for around $450

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