GutterWhiz Extension Pole

GutterWhiz Extension Pole

The GutterWhiz Special Pin-Lock Extension Pole is made to work with the GutterWhiz gutter tool. It’s made of heavy duty fiberglass and aluminum and extends from 6 feet to 12 feet. The GutterWhiz extension pole can be used to reach gutters up to 15 feet high which makes it suitable for all 1 story and 1-1/2 story gutters. The pin-lock mechanism locks the pole in 6 inch increments as it is extended. There is no twisting to tighten or loosen as with other poles. This feature eliminates the problems associated with twisting locking mechanisms such as the pole slipping down or the twisting mechanism being hard to loosen because it was tightened too much.

The GutterWhiz extension pole works great with the GutterWhiz gutter cleaner but you can also use it for other jobs. Attachments are available (sold seperately) for painting, cleaning siding and windows, trimming branches, changing light bulbs and picking fruit.

Product Features:
Heavy duty fiberglass and aluminum
Pin-lock feature that prevents twisting or slipping
Reaches 1 story and 1-1/2 story gutters
Attachments available for uses in addition to gutter cleaning

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