GutterWhiz 2You can clean your gutters without a ladder with the GutterWhiz. This gutter cleaning tool lets you stand on the ground to clean your gutters. GutterWhiz will clean leaves, pine needles, pine cones and other debris wet or dry. Simply slide the GutterWhiz lower blade along the bottom of the gutter, pull the rope to close the other blade around the debris, then lift the pole to remove the debris from the gutter.

The GutterWhiz pays for itself in only one use. It is very expensive to have your gutters cleaned by a commercial gutter cleaning service and they often are clogged again after the first rain or wind. You can prevent water damage from occurring to your house by keeping your gutters clean for water to flow freely from your roof into your gutters and down the downspouts. GutterWhiz can be used over and over again.

GutterWhiz 3The GutterWhiz comes with the following items:

  •  High strength non-corroding GutterWhiz Unit
  •  Braided Poly Rope (18 feet)
  •  Safety Glasses – can be worn over most prescription
  •  Operating Instructions and Warranty Provisions

You need an extension pole to use the GutterWhiz but it must be purchased separately. To purchase the GutterWhiz Pin-Lock Extension Pole click here or you can use any adjustable 10 to 15 foot fiberglass handle extension pole.

GutterWhiz 4There are some things to keep in mind when purchasing the GutterWhiz gutter tool. The tool works best for gutters that are no higher than 15 feet. Once you get above 15 feet it becomes hard to handle the pole and requires more physical strength to use the GutterWhiz. For safety reasons you should not use the GutterWhiz within 10 feet of electrical lines and the extension pole must be electrically insulated with a fiberglass handle.

Click on the links below to see price, purchase or read reviews of the GutterWhiz gutter cleaning tool.

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