Rain Wizard Rain Barrel

Rain Wizard Rain Barrel

Rain-Wizard-Urn-65The Rain Wizard Rain Barrel is an attractive rain barrel that adds character to your landscaping. The elegant shape and striking detail make it the perfect accent piece for your home’s exterior serving as an environmentally friendly water supply for your plants at the same time. Rain barrels have been around for thousands of years as a way to collect and save water. Millions of people still use them today to bring natural rain water to their plants and lawns. Rain water doesn’t contain harsh chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride. However, it does contain nitrogen and CO2 which are great for the growth of your plants.
Rain-Wizard-Urn 2

The Rain Wizard is constructed of a thick durable polyethylene resin that stands up to all weather conditions so the rain barrel won’t fade or crack. It measures 25”L X 26”W X 35”H and has a flat back that is designed to go against a wall to optimize space. It sits flush against the wall which gives you more flexibility as to where you can place it. The top of the barrel acts as a planter to make the rain barrel even more attractive. The rain-wizard-urn 4 built in channel in the top drains excess water from the rain barrel to avoid flooding around your home’s foundation. It also includes a mesh screen which blocks debris from entering into the rain barrel.

The Rain Wizard is manufactured by Good Ideas Inc. The company was founded in 2001 and has been promoting “green” products since the time the company was started. rain-wizard-urn 3 They focus on great products that are developed from practical ideas generated to meet the needs of the consumer. Many of their innovative products have been featured in magazines and other media sources.

Product Features:
  •    65 Gallon Capacity
  •    Self-draining planter top
  •    Meshed screen that blocks debris from entering the rain barrel
  •    Flat back design for space optimization
  •    Brass spigot that won’t rust
  •    Routed channel that drains excess water from the rain barrel
  •    Links to all other Rain Wizard rain barrels
  •    1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  •    Made in the USA

The Rain Wizard Rain Barrel comes in Terra Cotta (as shown above), Oak, Black, Green, Khaki, Sandstone, Dark Granite, and Light Granite.

To purchase or to read more click on one of the links below:

rain-wizard-urn Terracotta



rain-wizard-urn Oak



rain-wizard-urn black



rain-wizard-urn green



rain-wizard-urn khaki



rain-wizard-urn Sandstone



rain-wizard-urn Dk Granite

              Dark Granite


Rain-Wizard-Urn Lght Granite

              Light Granite



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