RainReserve Build-a-Barrel System

RainReserve Build-a-Barrel System

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The RainReserve Build-a-Barrel system can turn your rain barrel into a decorative piece of furniture that blends in with your outdoor furnishings. The Build-a-Barrel is constructed of “wood-like” panels made from HDPE textured plastic that is UV resistant. The panels are easy to assemble together. The square design of the Build-a-Barrel is perfect for holding planters and other gardening accessories. The small footprint makes it a great option for smaller spaces.

The RainReserve Build-a-Barrel system comes with a heavy duty liner and holds 50 gallons of rainwater. build-a-barrel 4 There is no need to winterize because the system is freeze proof. Simply keep it hooked up and heated during cold weather. It can be configured vertically or horizontally making it adaptable to the available space. Each kit consists of the following materials:

(10) 18 inch X 18 inch X 1 inch panels
  (1) 50 gallon liner made of 2 ply, 6 mil food safe         and low density polyethylene
  (1) Downspout Diverter
  (1) High Flow Spigot
  All the fittings and hardware needed for installation
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The system also comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

RainReserve is a company that offers high quality at affordable prices. Their products are made in the USA and are manufactured and shipped with minimal impact to the environment. They are committed to continued research and development of improved product design to maximize the benefit to the environment.

The RainReserve Build-a-Barrel system comes in 3 colors, tan, brown and grey. Click on the link below to see price or to purchase the RainReserve Build-a-Barrel system.



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