Upcycle Rain Barrel

Upcycle 55 Gallon Terra-Cotta Rain Barrel

Upscale 55 gal

The Upcycle Rain Barrel is made of food quality high density polyethylene. All barrels were originally used to ship food overseas and have been cleaned and recycled to use as rain barrels. Upcycle is the largest manufacturer of recycled rain barrels in the United States. The company’s philosophy is that nothing gets thrown out. They even use rainwater off their roof to wash the barrels. The company hasn’t used any city water in over eight years.

This terra-cotta rain barrel measures 22 inches in diameter X 38 inches high. It blends well with red brick homes and will match your terra cotta planters and hanging baskets. There are holes drilled into the lid so water can drain into the barrel from your downspout. Screening under the lid keeps out debris from the roof and also keeps mosquitoes out.

There are several different options for watering your plants using the Upcycle rain barrel. The barrel has a spigot at the bottom in which a garden hose can be attached. You can also attach landscape tubing or drip tubing to the barrel. To use a watering can just put the barrel on a pedestal. There is also an overflow fitting that allows excess water flowing from the downspout to be diverted away from the barrel and a hose fitting so you can link 2 or more barrels together so they can be filled from one downspout.

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The Complete guide to Water Storage
by Julie Fryer


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